We are Erin and Lee

We live in Nashville, TN and have been married for 9 years (together for 13 years). This is our Adoption Profile.
We hope you will look around and get to know us.
If you’d like to start a conversation about adoption, please send us a message!
We seek to have an open adoption and would be honored to talk with you.



Erin enjoys reading and teaching (no wonder she became a school librarian), walking the dog, watching movies, hosting dinner parties, and crafting.



Lee enjoys learning about new technology, discovering new bands to listen to, collecting vinyl records, hanging out on the back porch, watching football, and building websites.


We both love the Nashville Predators (Nashville’s hockey team) and watch as many games as we can. If we can make it, we try to go to the games at Bridgestone Arena and cheer for them in person! Hockey is something that we bond over. Additionally, we are both involved in leadership roles at our church. Our congregation is a small and loving group of people. 


About Us

We are Erin and Lee, and we have been together for 13 years. We have been married for 9+ of those years. We live in an urban neighborhood near downtown Nashville that has lots of friendly neighbors and families with children. We are close with our neighbors, and we all help each other out. On many occasions we’ve lent and borrowed milk or eggs and even babysat our neighbors’ toddlers. We see kids throwing the football or being pushed around the block in a stroller all the time from our front porch. Our home is filled with music daily; either Lee is making up silly songs while doing chores, or we are listening to music while we cook or clean the kitchen (we both cook often). We also enjoy walking our golden retriever, Radar, around the neighborhood.

Lee is from Louisiana and Erin is from Kentucky. We met in Nashville while Erin was getting her degree at Vanderbilt for Elementary Education, and Lee was working in the music industry. Since graduation, Erin has taught in public schools (5 years), earned 2 masters degrees in Reading Education and Library Science, and worked as a public school Librarian (3+ years). 

Lee worked in the music industry for 10 years as an audio engineer and producer before starting his own software company. Since then, his company was acquired by a larger software company. He has now worked in software for 4+ years and is currently the Vice President of a local software company. We’ve been through a lot together, but have built a strong connection through those events. We rely on each other for support in the good times and the bad times, and we can always count on each other to provide that support.

Even before we got married, we dreamed about starting a family together. Since then, we have continued to dream about having fun with a child, loving a child, and helping a child through the tough parts of growing up. Our plans didn’t work out quite as we expected, but we are really excited about adoption. We have the support of our friends, family, and church family and know that it will be a beautiful process. We are ready to give everything we have; our hearts, souls, and minds to any child that comes into our lives. We will encourage him or her to make brave choices and support them when they are searching for their own identity.

We know you are going through a difficult time in your life. We know you are trying to make the best decision you can make for your child, and we cannot fathom the emotions you are going through right now. But, if you choose to meet us, we hope getting to know us provides peace to you in some way. We hope you know how loved your child will be. We will be praying for you and your child. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We would love to get to know you and share our lives with you through an open adoption.

With Love,
Erin and Lee

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